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16 Bicycle Pilgrims From Lira Diocese Start 3-Day Trip to Namugongo

Sixteen bicycle riders from Lira Catholic Diocese have started a 3- days trip to Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine.

This is the second group of pilgrims rom Lira Diocese heading to Namugongo, following a group of foot pilgrims who left last week. The team is headed for the annual Martyrs Day Celebration to be held on Friday 3rd June 2022.

The pilgrims left the Diocesan headquarters on Sunday morning hoping to be in Kampala by Tuesday 31. This time, they opted to ride for 3 days instead of taking 7 days on the road like they used to in the past.

Tony Oola alias Akristo, the team coordinator explains the significance of the 3 days saying it represents the suffering and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He added that riding bicycle is the best way to honor the Martyrs and Christ.

Oola who has been riding to Namugongo since 2015 shares his experience saying this year he will be praying to God to heal Uganda from poverty.

Cong Alfonse, the oldest pilgrim who is now 70-years and has participated in the pilgrimage for the last three years says this journey is determined by faith, not age. He adds that that this year, he will be praying for his children and brothers who are sick.

“I have received blessing and deliverance every single time I take this journey and that is why I am going back and this year I have a new petition. I have children and my brothers who are always sickly so I thought of going back to see how this year will be but trust me this is a journey of faith because if someone asks you to ride a bicycle to Kampala, I don’t think you can agree.”

Cong says he is so addicted to the pilgrimage that he became sick in 2020 and 2021 when the country was locked down and pilgrimage to restricted due to COVID-19 pandemic.

On Monday 18, 450 foot pilgrims drawn for different parishes across Lira Diocese embarked on the over 300-kilometer journey to Namugongo and they are yet to reach their destination.

This year’s celebrations will be animated by the Fort Portal Catholic Diocese under the theme “Baptized and sent to witness Christ with love and hope”.

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