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16-year-old assaulted to death after he orders for 2 chapatis, eats, fails to pay for it

By Davis Mugabi

A 16-year-old has died after he was assaulted on account that he failed to pay for two chapatis he ate.

At the weekend, Python Tumukunde approached a chapati stand operated by Sharif Tashobya.

Tumukunde ordered for two chapatis, which were given to him. However, after eating them, he indicated to Tashobya that he did not have the money to pay. This resulted in a fight. At 10pm in the night, Tukunde succumbed to injuries inflicted on him in the fight.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says that Tashobya and Mohammad Mande, the owner of the chapati stand have been arrested to help police in the investigation

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