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We shall not allow Verbal, Physical Violence & Hooliganism in the Beautiful Game – Magogo

By Magogo Moses Hassim

Dear Colleagues,

As the football community, we ought to protect the game that makes us the community we are.

There are vices that can eat up the game and these include;

  1. Predetermination of sporting results for Sporting Reasons
  2. Predetermination of sporting results and occurrences for Betting Reasons
  3. Violence and Hooliganism
  4. Discrimination of any form
  5. Bribery and Corruption
  6. Drugs abuse
  7. Interference of sporting decision making by external stakeholders

Talking about Violence and Hooliganism, there is no justification whatsoever for actions of violence and hooliganism whether verbally or physically.

We must all be ashamed and must condemn it in the strongest terms. It is like cutting the brunch of the tree we are sitting on.

The players need to be paid and the money should come from the brand and so are the referees and the clubs. The UPL, FUFA, Media and fans all need a better brand to make the necessary sales to get our clubs better

As FUFA we have a duty to provide proper refereeing and we need to review our services provided to the league. We also have a duty to protect the referees who on some occasions of verbal or physical violence have been proven right in their decision making. We have not favoured nor feared applying corrective measures.

We have put in place competent judicial processes and persons to administer sporting justice. The multitude of the recent cases of corrective measures being applied to protect the game are also an indicator that the judicial bodies are now dealing head-on with the infringement of the rules and have hitherto gone unchecked.

We ALL have a duty to first and foremost condemn in the strongest terms;

  1. Verbal and physical violence and hooliganism
  2. Intentional incorrect refereeing decisions

These barbaric, animalistic and inhumane actions should never be tolerated nor justified by anyone who wishes the game any good

As FUFA we will continue and even get tougher to institute measures to protect the game with the support of you ALL

The writer is the FUFA President.

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