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Deejaying: DJ Alberto making between Shs 2 million & 20 million monthly

With no dreadlocks flowing over his shoulders, unkempt hair, and baggie ragged jeans, one might be tempted to believe that Alberto Alipacho, a Deejay and managing Director of Amsta sounds is the wrong guy for his job.Meeting him, with freshly cut hair, a black and white print African fabric shirt flowing over a pair of black trousers, and shiny black shoes, one can mistake Alberto for a bank manager.  

Since when did Deejays become so meticulous and disciplined? His eyes are very sober and no foul smell emanates from his mouth. No wonder he has been able to carve a living from deejaying, earning between sh2m-20m a month, buying three plots of land, a car, and taking care of his own family.

Throughout his secondary education, Alberto was a part-time Deejay. He continued with this job until university. In fact, it is the job that paid his tuition.

In 2003, Alberto who was a graduate of Makerere University, Bachelor of Science, started his business having bought his first equipment from Amsterdam hence the name Amsta Sounds. Starting the business was not hard for him because he had saved enough capital. He also had a lot of experience from the past to back up his entrepreneurship ingenuity.

“I had experience with Charlie Lubega, one of the best D.Js in Uganda,” he attests. “When they opened up Ajenoir, most of us left soul disco and concentrated on Angenoir (now guvnor). I would mix music from Wednesday to Sunday,” he says.

The fourth born of five children, Alberto decided to go further with his education by mastering Business Administration at Makerere University. “I did not get more education to look for a job but to use the skills in my business, “he emphasizes.

As a matter of fact,   Alberto does his bookkeeping himself. He knows where he has made profits and losses and he is able to balance his bills and pay taxes without employing an accountant.

How Alberto markets his business

Alberto’s also major advertising agent has been social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  “This is where I get most of my clients from social media,” says Alberto.


Most Deejays are known to be womanisers, but Alberto says that it depends on one’s upbringing and the values he learn’t from home.  “Beautiful women cannot tempt me because I am used to them,” he says. “When you see something all the time, it becomes normal.”

Despite that, Alberto is quick to attest that women love Deejays. “No matter how many times you tell them that you are not into them,”Alberto says, “they insist.”

Fortunately, Alberto is quick to tell them that he is a married man and sometimes he moves with his wife. Unfortunately, his wife Sarah Kisaakye succumbed to cancer in June 2021 leaving him with six children

 Although most people think that DJs might be social perverts, Alberto is not like that. He is a staunch Catholic and on Sunday he goes to church.

Alberto grew up from the green lushes of Makerere University where his father Longion Kerchan was a lecturer and his mother the late Susan Kerchan, was a housewife.

Adopted from the New Vision

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