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Brig. Gen. Isoke takes over Anti-Corruption Unit Command: Here is his profile..

By Marvin Ocol

Brig. Gen. Henry Isoke has today taken over office of the Head of State House Anti-Corruption Unit.

His take-over follows his recent appointment by President Yoweri Museveni.

Brig. Gen. Isoke took over office from Col. Edith Nakalema who is currently on a one-year course at the Defense College in Jinja.

Below is his profile.

Brig. Gen. Isoke joined the military in October 1986, after graduating from Makerere University, and rose through the ranks and was commissioned as second lieutenant in 1991.  

His first major deployment came between 1997 and 1998 when he operated in the Rwenzori region while fighting the ADF. He was based in the Bundibugyo Zone.

In 2004, Brig Isoke operated in Gulu region as 04 infantry Division Counter Intelligence Officer and later transferred to 03 Division for disarmament operations.

That same year (2004), Brig Isoke was assigned to coordinate with local communities and Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in resolving conflicts over encroachment on Semuliki National Park, in current Ntoroko District. An assignment that was meticulously executed. During his deployment in Ntoroko/Rwebisengo, Brig Isoke is remembered for curtailing cattle thefts, apprehending notorious cattle thieves and crashing their syndicates.

Between 2005 and 2007, Brig Isoke was deployed in Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to oversee security in the national parks and assist in strengthening the Law Enforcement department. During this time, he built the Special Wildlife and Tourism Protection Force (SWIFT), comprising a UPDF Battalion and UWA Rangers. As a result of the deployment of the SWIFT force, security in Murchison National Park (previously threatened by LRA), Queen Elizabeth National Park and Semliki National Park (under ADF threat) tremendously improved, the number of tourists and the animal population multiplied. 

With the experience in fighting the ADF, Brig. Gen. Isoke was identified and sent to Mogadishu in 2011/2012, under AMISOM, in the fight against Al Shabaab, serving as the overall Intelligence Commander, titled Chief Military Information Officer (CMIO). 

Outside the military, between 1998 and 2003, Gen Isoke assisted in setting up and managing the then Revenue Protection Service (RPS) and the Special Revenue Protection Service (SRPS), these provided a formidable foundation for the present Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) enforcement department.

Until his appointment, Brig. Gen. Isoke was the Head of Peace Operations Department at the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) Secretariat, Nairobi Kenya, since August 2019. He was previously the Deputy Chief of Military Intelligence, Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF).


Brig Gen Isoke has undergone a number of professional courses including, among others; Basic military Training Course (Oct 1986, Uganda), Battalion Intelligence Officers Course (1987/1988, Uganda), Officer Basic Course (1992, Uganda), Brigade Officers’ Intelligence Course (Fort Houachuka, Arizona-USA,1996), Senior Staff and Command Course (Lusaka, Zambia, 2008), and Intelligence Course (National Defence School of Intelligence-DSI, Chicksands, UK, 2012). On 04 December 2020, Brig Gen Isoke completed a Regional Senior Mission Leaders Course at the International Peace Support Centre (IPSTC) in Nairobi.


Brig Gen Isoke holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Social Administration of Makerere University (1983/1986) and a Masters in Security Studies from the Navy Postgraduate School (NPS), Monterey, California, USA (2014/2015). His personal decorations include the AMISOM Medal (2012) and Uganda’s Jubilee Medal (2016).

Profile first published by MediaScapeNews

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