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Kampala Eggs Kid: Police Obtain CCTV Footage

By Davis Mugabi

The police has obtained CCTV footage showing a smart Kampala kid and boiled eggs vendor throwing down a bucket containing his supposed day’s sales.

Police CCTV analysts say that for all the times the minor was captured on camera, he acted intentionally.

In the past few days, it emerged on social media that the child has been intentionally breaking his eggs in a bid to attract sympathies from road users who end up compensating him for the loss.

Many good-hearted persons fell for it.

The tweet that exposed the eggs kid

However, it appears he is not new in the game.

Same kid, different locations







What next?

According to security sources, whereas the Police has retrieved footage from different locations clearing showing the minor intentionally breaking his eggs, no one has come out to complain.

“But having this footage is a good step. It is now upon us to alert the public,” a police source said.

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