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Story of the Day: Teddy Namutebi, 64, a medic who disarmed thugs last night

By Davis Mugabi

Waking up in the morning, social media was flooded with news of a woman who disarmed men last night.

Kampala Gazette understands that the strong woman is Teddy Namutebi, 64, a medical worker at Victory Medical Centre, Kasokoso, Kira in Wakiso district.

According to our findings, Namutebi worked until late last night.

Late in the night, two muscular thugs entered the Medical Centre, disguising as patients.

However, they later turned around and put her at gun point, demanding all the day’s money.

They went on to hold her hostage in a separate room at the facility.

We are told that one of the thugs sent his hand to remove a Pistol from his waste. Namutebi was on high alert. She grabbed it and made alarm. The thugs scampered for their dear lives, abandoning an unmarked gun.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says the gun has been exhibited at Kireka Police Station as a search for its owner starts.

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