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St. Joseph’s College, Ombaci: How student was killed at local football match in Koboko

By Marvin Ocol

Exclusive details, Kampala Gazette, has obtained shows how Aziz Adnani, (S.4), a student of St. Joseph’s College, Ombaci was killed at a football match in Koboko.

It’s alleged that last evening, the deceased and others sneaked out of the football ground in Koboko to go and buy locally brewed alcohol from a nearby village, from where a fight ensued between the students and the locals over the brew. As they ran back to the football pitch, angry locals descended on the deceased who could not run as fast as his friends. They grievously beat him. Without informing the administration, his colleagues sneaked him into the school bus and upon reaching the school, they again sneaked the deceased out of school to a Radiology clinic for treatment from where he died.

The school administration got to know about the incident the situation had worsened, and it became too late to save Aziz’s life. Six (6) of the students were arrested and detained at Arua Central Police Station to assist police with investigations in to the incident. Postmortem result indicates that the student died due to multiple injuries after being hit by blunt objects several times.


Our sources say that the student body got diverted from the truth by the ring leaders who wanted to protect their colleagues, and made the students to believe that the deceased was knocked by the school bus at the school. Thereafter, the students went on strike at around 10pm and broke all the glasses at the windows and doors, destroyed the school fence and some proceeded to teachers’ quarters and broke the glass windows of the house of the deputy headmaster.

When police arrived at the scene, the students ceased their destructive operations.

However police found that students numbering about 900 left the school immediately after the destructions and slept outside the school premises. 82 camped at the church, 45 were found by police on the way heading to Arua town.

The students came back to the school premises this morning.

The destructions were so serious that at around 9:00am, the school management ordered the students to park their properties and go home indefinitely to create room for investigations as well as allow the school to design way forward in to the matter.

“Inquiries have started so as to get the ring leaders who will be arrested to face the law accordingly,” a police source tells the Kampala Gazette.

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