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Electoral Commission: Why we extended compilation period for village women residents

By An Executive Editor

The Electoral Commission has explained the reason for extension of the compilation (registration) of village women residents by a period for four days, starting June 14, 2022 and ending June 17, 2022.
In a statement Monday, the Commission said the decision was informed by the higher number of applicants at some registration centres since the beginning of the exercise. The Commission added that it was at the request of key stakeholders that the period was considered for extension.
The Election Commission is currently compiling a Register of women residents in each village/cell across Uganda to enable all willing female residents aged 18 years and above to register in order to participate in Women Councils and Committees Elections, 2022 within their respective villages.
The compilation started on June 10, 2022 and was scheduled to close June 13, 2022.
The period has, however, been extended.
“Please note that the purpose of this extension is to provide an opportunity for all eligible women who have not yet registered to do,” EC Chairman, Justice Simon Byabakama said.
Justice Byabakama said the exercise will continue to be conducted at registration centres in each village/cell across the country throughout the extended period.
The Commission has, therefore, appointed Friday June 17, 2022, as the cut-off date for registration of female village residents.
“The registration of female residents in each village throughout Uganda will not be conducted after this date,” Justice Byabakama warned.

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