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UNHCR’s Soap Factory starts production: A bar costs Shs 5, 000

Bidibidi Soap Factory in Yumbe established by @UNHCRuganda in 2021 has started production. According to Frank Walusimbi, UNHCR’s Communication Officer, the factory is run by 8 refugees and 8 nationals. It produces soap for UNHCR, wholesalers, and retailers. Recently, Walusimbi says, they sold 2 tons and have donated Shs 500,000 of the proceeds to support UNHCR activities.

One of the objectives of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework, which is to increase refugee self-reliance, is captured by this initiative. The soap was certified by @UNBSug.

“The BIDI soap is available at stores all around the country,” Walusimbi said adding that a bar goes for Shs 5, 000.

Walusimbi says that the factory produced 20 tons of bar soap in the last 6 months and half of it supported the Kisoro emergency.

Going forward, Walusimbi said, it will produce 60 tons every month.

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