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Charles Ogwang: Bukwo CAO’s murder was recorded on smartphone for proof

By An Executive Editor

The brutal murder of Charles Robert Ogwang, the acting Chief Administrative Officer – Bukwo, was recorded on a smartphone for proof.

Eyewitnesses told Police a very clear account.

The two were driving a tri-cycle, registration number UFF849H, when the incident happened.

Their tri-cycle overturned and injured them. They were rushed to the same hospital as Ogwang.

They clearly narrated how they fled to a nearby bush when the gunshots began, and how the attack was being recorded on a smart phone, by one of the assailants for their proof.

The attackers also set the motor vehicle on fire, with the victim inside before escaping from the scene.

By Monday afternoon, four people including Ogwang’s driver had been arrested.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga told the media in Kampala that Ogwang was targeted.

“We do strongly believe that the victim was targeted,” Enanga said.

He added: “The killing was not random but pre-meditated, pre-planned and targeted.”

At this stage, Enanga noted, “the motive of the fatal shooting has not yet been determined, although we rule out robbery or domestic terrorism.”

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