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Consumer Choice Awards 2022: Customers approve of Bidco Uganda Limited products

Uganda and East Africa’s giant in soap, cooking oil and detergents – Bidco Uganda Limited – last Saturday took home three awards in the different categories.

Bidco Uganda Limited’s products – White Star Magic (washing powder), White Star Magic (soap) and Butto (Cooking oil) were recognized under the Consumer Choice Awards as Best laundry soap, best detergent washing powder and best cooking edible oil respectively, taking home a Platinum Award.

Saba, the Head of Quality Assurance at Bidco says that the award did not come as a surprise.

Bidco Uganda Limited sales team smiling away with the awards.

“We have been getting gold. When you get a Platinum Award, it is an assurance from the customers that yes, the product you are giving us is of quality and is safe for consumption. It’s an encouragement to do more,” Saba said.

According to Saba, there are measures in place to ensure quality of the products. These also comes with thorough auditing. “We have both national, regional and international standards. We have national standards. We are certified ISO 20000 and we have a Food Safety System Certification. These standards are recognized all over the world,” Saba said adding, “We have an auditor who comes from outside to audit us and to make sure that we are complying with the standards. We pass with flying colors when we are audited. We do all on our side. The customer confirms. The Platinum Award is a double assurance. We are complying with the International Standards and adhere to the Standards Quality Management System. We didn’t forget the environment. We comply with the International Management System. When we get this award, I am not surprised. When we get these awards, it is an encouragement to us to keep going.”

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