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Revealed: Ex-Uganda Airlines CEO, Muleya, earned Shs 127 million per month, was negotiating Shs 200 million pay

By An Executive Editor

In the past weeks, there have been talks of salaries at the Uganda Airlines.

This was prompted by a probe by COSASE, a committee of Parliament.

During the probe, it was reported that the Chief Executive Officer, Jennifer Bamuturaki, was earning Shs 87 million, while her former boss, Cornwell Muleya earned Shs 127 million, per month.

However, we have established that the Shs 87 million tagged to Bamuturaki was quoted from the Business Implementation Plan (BIP), a salary scale plan which was developed by the National Planning Authority (NPA) and the task force, which was approved by the cabinet in 2016 even before the airline was in place. This paperwork, after being organized by NPA was then handed over to the then Minister of Works and Transport who presented it to the cabinet and it was approved. The Shs 87 million, according to plan was to be the gross salary scale for Uganda Airlines CEO in the 5th year of the airline and by then, the assumption was that the airline would have started making profits.

Jennifer does not earn Shs 87 million today, a source says.

Secondly, the source says, “the airline is not yet 5 years old to start paying that salary as per plan. And this cuts across all the already publicized salaries of pilots, cabin crew members, and engineers to mention but a few.”

According to sources, Bamuturaki’s predecessor, Cornwell Muleya, a Zambian was earned a whooping Shs 127m per month at the time of his dismissal from the company.

“In fact, Muleya was complaining that the salary was little, he was negotiating for shs200m a few months before he was kicked out!”

Muleya is currently being probed by the Inspectorate of Government over acts of mismanagement of public funds by public officers at the Uganda National Airlines Company (UNAC) between May and June this year.

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