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Use retirement benefits wisely, Museveni tells UPDF retirees

By An Executive Editor

President Yoweri Museveni has said that he is grateful to be part of the process of retirement (with ample benefits), coming to fruition for “our comrades; each one of them is a miracle story of sacrifice, courage and service for little to no pay.”

49 senior army officers including Gen. Kale Kayihura and Gen. David Sejusa were this afternoon officially retired from the army. Museveni presided over the event at the State House, Entebbe.

Speaking during the event, the President said as the country they (retirees) have served long enough to stabilise is firm enough to take care of them now, “I encourage them to utilise the retirement benefits wisely in order to make a good contribution to the economy.”

“We recognize the strides made to this day, a difference from the past when servicemen were retired by elimination, death or prison sentencing. Even the retired officers under the UPDF before this point have gone home without a good enough package due to constraints before,” said the President.

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