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Spenah Beach: Ex-Entebbe Mayor & Wakiso Land Board Member on the spot over controversial shore

New details have emerged about the Spenah BEACH saga with many questioning how the former Entebbe mayor Stephen Kabuuye who claims ownership, can have control over Lake Victoria.

On Friday morning, photos emerged online appearing to show soldiers trying calm down the situation where thugs were vandalising Spenah Entertainment Limited properties and items. This website has learnt that, John Asiimwe didn’t fight back, but reported the matter to aviation police.

Kabuye is the NRM chairperson for Entebbe and land board member of Wakiso District.

Available information now reveals that court had ordered for arbitration between Spenah Entertainment Limited (owned by Asiimwe who was renting the place), and Kabuye, the said property owner.

It adds that Kabuye ignored all these and went ahead with Friday’s action.

Documents have also emerged showing how the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) had given SEL permission to operate.

“Court ordered arbitration between the two parties, but Kabuuye ignored it…instead resorted to using Uganda Police. Spenah employees and staff did not take law into their hands, instead they reported the case to police and other responsible Government organs,” a source said.


As information keeps on emerging, Asiimwe and his company Spenah Entertainment ltd suspended their obligations under the tenancy agreement after finding out that they had been corned by Kabuye. This resulted following the calamity where lake Victoria water levels increased and destroyed the Spenah Entertainment property and business. Upon suspension of the obligations of both parties to the tenancy agreement due to a force majuere clause, a question of ownership arose. Hence causing conflicts between two parties. 

As of now, the government has not come out to clarify on how one can own a land title of a lake shore.

Although reports reveal Fairway Hotel’s Azher Jaffer is rumored to have sold the land to Eria Kabenge Mubiru, contrary to law provisions, the whole process is still marred in controversy.

It should be recalled that cabinet has approved the cancellation of land titles in wetlands and central reserve forests.

Although it is illegal to possess a land title of a reserved area, investigations have revealed that most individuals or companies that possess land titles in the forest reserves or wetlands got them with the knowledge of the National Forestry Authority – NEMA.

The law also says local government shall not lease out any river bank or lake shore.

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