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How can the NRM rebuild itself and not repeat errors of the 2021 elections?

By Kagisha Muusa Hamisi,

In the just concluded general elections, the NRM lost its grip on Buganda and Busoga regions in an unprecedented but predictable manner.

As a matter of fact, Buganda region is critical to the politics of Uganda. History will tell you that previous regime changes have not only been agitated from within Buganda region, but have actually implemented with the Buganda factor at the heart of these changes.

Notably, even armed rebellions attempted outside Buganda have failed miserably due to many factors I wouldn’t want to delve into.

Let’s put armed groups aside and concern ourselves with electoral politics.

The NRM’s disapproval ratings in Buganda grew to 60.2% ( as of last year).

This could perhaps explain the insecurity patterns within this region that could even spark a revolution.

I don’t want to be an alarmist, but insurrection is boiling at our watch! 

Regime changes seem like far-fetched dreams to those who often wield power and have control over the state, but without addressing certain matters in Buganda and Busoga, we witness the repeat of worse outcomes of the 2021 general elections.

The NRM therefore needs serious covert and overt operations beyond just the public “endorsements” of the HE Museveni as the 2026 NRM Candidate.

NRM members cannot continue rubber stamping whichever projects without clear understanding and clear guidelines.

Apart from the overly publicised endorsements, what are we doing to rebuild the party’s grassroots support in order to reclaim Buganda and Busoga region?

It’s defeatists to hold these endorsements without the engagement of party stakeholders in different districts.

I’d actually advocate for resources to be funnelled towards the efforts of ONC in conjunction with other offices, to hold district level consultations and engage with stakeholders IN ALL REGIONS with a special bias on the youth.

These should not be about just rubber stamping President Museveni’s 2026 candidacy, but more about awakening the party’s grassroots support system that could work for a smooth 2026 NRM victory with or without President Museveni on the ballot.

The writer is trader and farmer in Bunyoro Region.

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