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Faith’s Diary: Sounds crazy but I call it love

By Faith Powers

It was the banging at the door that got me up at 6:00am on a Sunday morning

I knew love was haunting me the moment I opened the damn door

He was here and he was not willing to leave

His eyes looked deep into mine, I mean his watery eyes as one hand leaned against the door frame.

In the past all I had was rage and the tigress in me was my only confidence. Let’s say pretense. 

I was hurt but why now of all days when my wounds were trying to heal and he is back.

Every day seemed like a mistake, loneliness all-around, my joy had been shuttered

Did love have to hurt this much most especially when you can’t get over someone?

My pillow could have shouted at me to stop soaking it with my tears if at all it could speak

My damm dreams were now owned by someone else.

Yes he did haunt me in my dreams every single time since he left but this wasn’t one of those dreams anymore 

I could see him right in front of me staring as if nothing had happened.

As if he wanted to devour into me right there 

As if my heart was so stupid to melt for him again 

All I wanted to say was: take me to were you have been hiding 

Take me to where you run off to but my lips couldn’t utter a single sentence

The only thing my eyes could do was get washed away 

The love of my life was back and this time only death would do us apart.

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