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Faith’s Diary: Marrying for the society or yourself, what way?

By Faith Powers

Most people say it’s so hard to find the kind of person that you would truly love, the kind of person that fits into your emotional and physical space, which could be true at some point, because most of the time we judge people according to their social circles, economic status or how far they have studied.

And yet, I believe finding love would have been easier if we looked at what people truly are. What I mean is falling in love with someone’s personality, jokes, voice, mindset and not based on how they look or their race. People have ended up with the wrong partners because of what society has impacted into their brains, like ” do not marry from this kind of tribe ” or “never marry someone with this kind of job”, as in, what the f**k?! The Best thing ever would be marrying someone that you physically and emotionally connect with. A person who makes you laugh till your stomach hurts. Someone you can open up to, cry hard with, that one person you can always run back to after a long stressful day, a person you call home because life blesses us once and we never get to live life twice. So, why not marry that person and f**k society?!

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