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Faith’s Diary: Loving blindly and how it all ends up

By Faith Powers

There I was with those giddy butterfly feelings.

Grey was slowly becoming my entire place to confine in.

Did I ever sleep without talking to him? No! Hell no! That thought even made my stomach pain.

Grey was definitely my type of person. I mean my personal person.

I could feel this deep down into my pants.

Ohh, sorry! I meant deep down into my heart.

I had to do this prank on him, hoping it would help me know where our relationship stands because everything that was going on between us was so good to be true.

So I decided on giving him a call, the phone rang three times before he picked.

“Hey baby, I have good news. Guess what, i am pregnant for you, my Grey. Hello! Hello! Are you there baby?” I said.

I couldn’t believe he just gave me a deaf ear after such good news or was it the network?” I thought because we have been having such great weekends of cuddling while breathing deeply into each other’s ears, doing all the crazy intimate stuff and more like any other normal couple in love.

The only words he spit out later were:

I hope you know what to do with that thing because I am not ready for anything serious with you, young lady, so you know.

His words felt like a bomb had just exploded on my head.

I could see the whole world crumbling in my face.

What hurt me most is that I thought the feelings we had for each other were mutual and real and he was seriously ready to be with me for a life-time.

I looked so stupid to believe his forever after stories with happy endings.

I was so intoxicated with his fake love.

My eyes were blinded all along.

Someone told me never to believe in love but I was too deaf to listen.

After that bombshell, my eyes were open once again, although everything never seemed clear.

But at least I could see some light over everything.

Here I was, single again and trying to find a way back to my peaceful quite place. A place where there were no lies and no taking advantage of my soft heart.

A place where I could find my lost soul once again. Where my comfort and self worth were valid.

All I had to do was love myself more and leave the dead to rest.

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