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Every life matters, Crispin Kaheru in Season’s Message

By Crispin Kaheru

Season’s Message:

During this festive season, may each one of us work towards protecting and promoting human dignity of each and every person. Every life matters. May this be a period to reflect on what we can offer our country, Uganda, to always make it better. 

It is in such seasons that I implore every Ugandan to live and act responsibly. Let’s avoid hate language, unnecessary disagreements, violence and any other irresponsible lifestyle that may endanger life, peace and harmony. 

Let’s remember to stand with particularly those who are most weak and vulnerable in our communities.

The spirit of this festive season will endure when we pay careful attention to safeguarding the dignity and rights of every person.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 2023!

The writer is a Member, Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC).

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