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Crime Report: 12 road users died daily in crashes in 2022

By Executive Editor

The Annual Crime Report for the year 2022 launched Wednesday shows that at least 12 road users died per day last year.

In total, the Police’s Traffic and Road Safety Directorate registered 20, 394 road crashes. Of these, 3, 901 were fatal, 10, 776 were serious accidents while 5, 534 were minor accidents.

In these incidents, 15, 227 road users were seriously injured, 1, 712 road users sustained minor injuries while 4, 534. This means that at least 12 road users died per day during the year under review.  

This also means that the number of road crashes increased y 16% compared to incidents of 2021.

The Ag. Director – Traffic – says that the highest number of crashes happened between 7pm and 8pm. Lawrence Nuwabiine says that this is the time when all road users are tired.

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