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Makerere University journalism students whose future looks political

By Editorial team

They may be pursuing a Journalism and Communication course but their hearts are elsewhere. Either they will go into the practice of Journalism and Communication just for some time or they will simply go straight into politics. This is what Kampala Gazette sees in these students, given the fact that it all starts from the Hill. READ ON!

Robert Maseruka

Maseruka is smart, thorough and historical. His abilities to articulate issues is why he is able to talk until the cows willingly return home. However, once in a while, the activism in him shows. He currently serves the School of Languages, Literature and Communication as a Guild Representative. 

Hadijah Mutesi

At first sight, Mutesi does not look any political. Her biggest strength is quiet mobilization. Her abilities to network and befriend is what will make her climb to whichever position she will ever want to be. It is not surprising that she is currently the 33rd Vice President, Uganda National Students Association – UNSA, on top of her GRC role in the 88th Guild Council.

Oremo Odwe

If you want to hold Oremo in one place, talk about history and politics or political science in general. But aside from that he looks like a politician. A networker and a brilliant young man. Whoever currently holds an MP seat wherever Odwe comes from has a reason to worry because it won’t matter how many times it will take him trying, he will one day be there (in Parliament as an MP). Currently, he serves Nsibirwa Hall as the GRC in the 88th Guild Council.

Kabuulwa Muzafaluh

At his age, could be below 25, Kabuulwa has already slept in the coolers. Not for a day. Not that he was guilty. Because he is a fierce activist. Kabuulwa may have not succeeded at a direct shot to the 88th Guild Council but he remains a force to keep around. You can only control him from within. It is without a doubt that the current Guild President appointed him the Minister for Information.

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