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Photos: Blood as religious factions fight in Teso

By Executive Editor

NGORA: Anglican and Reformed Anglican Church factions Monday fought themselves to the drop of blood, with locals saying the situation is soon leading to loss of life.

“The intelligence community needs to interest itself in the recurrent violent exchanges between the radical sections of Church of Uganda and the Reformed Anglican Church in some parts of Teso. It’s no longer funny: lives might soon be lost,” Jonathan Ochom tweeted Monday afternoon.

Regional Police Spokesperson, Oscar Ageca says they “are managing the situation arising from this incident.”

“Investigations have commenced vide Ngora district CPS SD Ref: 03/12/03/2023. The suspects in the matter have been arrested pending arraignment in courts of law,” Ageca said.

Ageca appealed to both faiths to “realize that recourse to religion has to be reconciled with the principles of democracy and human rights.”

“We as the Police shall arrest any believer found abusing the rights of persons.”

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