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State House Anti-Corruption Unit saves children’s park land in Tororo

The Anti-Corruption Court has convicted and sentenced Tom Mause, the former chairperson area land committee and three directors of the Lions Club of Tororo Host Limited. The directors are; Googo Nelson, Wamala Lawrence and Dambio John.

The accused together with Osudo Ekisa Jackson, the Principal Assistant Secretary/Secretary District Land Board were charged with Abuse of office, attempt to procure registration by false pretence and conspiracy to defraud. Between 2015 and 2018, the three directors together with the chairperson Area Land Committee and Secretary District Land Board attempted to unlawfully transfer land measuring approximately 4 acres belonging to Tororo Municipal Council to their privately registered company, Lions Club of Tororo Host Club Ltd.

The council had previously leased this land to the registered trustees of the Lions Club of Tororo to operate a public children’s park and the three directors had created a false company called “Lions Club of Tororo Host Limited” to claim customary ownership of land already belonging to Tororo Municipal Council.

This fraudulent process was intercepted at the Ministry of Lands Zonal Offices, Mbale after it was found that there was no input of the Physical Planner. These acts were reported to the State House Anti-corruption Unit that liaised with the Criminal Investigations Directorate of Uganda Police that arrested the accused, and later charged in court.

The accused initially pleaded not guilty but they all except for Mr. Osudo (Secretary District Land Board) changed the plea to guilty and were sentenced. The trial will continue for Osudo.

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