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Uketa launches online courses to upskill professionals and empower organizations across East Africa

In the latest demonstration of the potential and growth of online education, Simba Group has launched Uketa, an innovative online course platform designed for professionals.

The platform is designed to provide a comprehensive and flexible learning experience, empowering professionals to acquire new skills, enhance their expertise, and advance their careers in today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape.

Speaking during the launch in Kampala recently, Uketa Founder, Dr. Natalie Bitature said Uketa is tailored to meet the unique needs of professionals across various industries, including business, technology, finance, marketing, leadership, and more.

The platform, she said, offers a wide range of courses, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, to cater to learners with different skill levels and backgrounds. Courses are curated by industry experts and thought leaders, ensuring that learners receive the most up-to-date and relevant content.

”We are excited to launch Uketa and provide professionals with a cutting-edge platform to enhance their skills and stay ahead in their careers. Every effort was made in designing the platform to ensure we deliver high-quality, practical, and relevant learning experiences that can empower professionals to achieve their career goals and excel in their respective industries,” Dr. Bitature said.

Yketa offers a user-friendly and interactive learning environment with features such as engaging video lessons, interactive quizzes, practical assignments, and community forums to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and collaboration. The platform is accessible via desktop and mobile devices, making learning convenient and flexible for busy professionals.

Joel Muhumuza, one of the Uketa instructors said: ”The courses focus on practicality and real-world applications. The platform offers hands-on, industry-relevant assignments and projects that allow learners to apply their knowledge and skills in practical scenarios. This approach enables professionals to immediately apply what they have learned in their work environment, making the learning experience highly practical and valuable.”

To celebrate its launch, Uketa offers a limited-time promotional offer with discounts on select courses, making it even more affordable for learners to embark on their learning journey. Additionally, Uketa plans to regularly update its course offerings and expand its partnerships with renowned institutions of higher learning to enhance the learning experience for its users continuously.

To access Uketa courses, visit www.uketalearning.com to explore its course offerings.

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