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Uganda’s Anti-Tick Vaccine Trials: NARO commends Uganda Prisons on discipline

By Executive Editor

The National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) has credited the Uganda Prisons Services for discipline exhibited by its officers.

While speaking at a bio-cafe engagement at Fairway Hotel recently, Dr. Fred Kabi, the Principal Research Officer, explained the choice of Kiburura and Isimba Government Prisons Farms.

Kibururua and Isimba are two of the 5 agro ecological zones where NARO is currently carrying out Uganda’s anti-tick vaccine trials.

According to Dr. Kabi, at the Prisons Farms, if an animal dies, the officers treat it with strict discipline and professionalism.

“If the animal dies, it must be inspected. You can’t smuggle it to the market. if it must be cooked, it must be thorough so that there is no contact with raw meat.

Following months into the trials, Dr. Kabi says that the animals are looking good after vaccination using Uganda’s made anti-tick vaccine.

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