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Interview: I started feeling unwell on a trip to South Africa with FDC’s Amuriat – Hussein Kyanjo (RIP)

By Executive Editor

In an interview with the Daily Monitor in 2014, an article updated in 2021, fallen former Makindye West Member of Parliament, Hussein Kyanjo,said he started feeling unwell in early 2011. His sickness started with a small pain in the mouth.  

He told Daily Monitor that he started feeling unwell after a flight to South Africa in early 2011. He was on a two-day trip when he woke up to realize that he was struggling to speak. He had traveled with FDC’s Patrick Amuriat, then representing Kumi County. Amuriat is the current FDC Party President.

“I started feeling something in my tongue and I was failing in my speech. I thought it was something small. I went to see a doctor but he could not identify what my problem was…until I went to an Iranian-owned hospital in Dubai. There, they diagnosed me with a disease called dystonia. They said it was a rare sturbon disease; it resists drugs and is very disturbing to one who has it. They gave me some drugs which I started using but also referred me to a London hospital where they said it was going to be better for me. So, when I returned, I went to the Speaker and explained to her my ordeal and shae gave me a go ahead and Parliament sponsored me to go to the University Hospital of London where I have been getting treatment …”

Kyanjo said doctors told him his condition could have been caused by any of three factors, an inheritance of the disease, effects of a serious accident or poison.

“I checked and found I could not have inherited it because no one has suffered from such a disease in our family. It also cannot have been caused by an accident because I have never been involved in any. So, I was left with one possibility – poisoning,” he said.

Kyanjo was laid to rest at his ancestral home in Bukomansimbi Sunday afternoon.

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