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2026 Presidential Polls: Gen. Muhoozi eyes Mao as running mate

By Executive Editor

Presidential Advisor of Special Operations (PA/SO), Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, is eyeing Democratic Party’s Norbert Mao as his running mate should he consider running for the top seat.

In Uganda’s Parliament, there have been proposals to adopt Kenya’s style of politics. However, this would require an amendment to the 1995 Constitution.

But that aside, Gen. Muhoozi reportedly looks at Mao as an ideal candidate to run with, and have him occupy the Vice President seat, after the win.

Well-placed sources say that the MK team considers it impossible (because of NUP’s Bobi Wine) to win in the Central Region, and as such, considers concentrating on areas such as the West, East and the North. In the West, Gen. Muhoozi has an advantage with that being his home area. In the East, the MK considers it a strategic partnership having Jessica Alupo as the current Vice President, and the Speaker, Anita Among in that seat.

“That plays to our advantage. That means that our team can ride on that partnership to get the votes in future,” a knowledgeable source says.

In the North, there is Justice Minister Norbert Mao and CJ (Chief Justice) Owiny Dollo. Strategically, MK is able to get the votes having captured two of the region’s most listened to sons (Mao and Dollo).

A source, however, says that the Central Region will be hard to win considering the strength of Bobi Wine (Robert Kygulanyi, NUP Party President). As such, the source says, “We would rather concentrate on the West, North and the East.”

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