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Multi-Agency Task Force Moves to review SOPs in Prosecuting Trafficking in Persons

By Davis Mugabi

A total of 24 officers from various agencies have come together for a training session aimed at reviewing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Investigating and Prosecuting Trafficking in Persons.

The training is currently taking place at Kabira Country Club, Kampala.

The primary focus of this training is to thoroughly examine the dissemination plan, which was initially envisioned on 3rd November 2022, and to define the precise timing and modalities for its successful implementation and monitoring.

The participants have engaged in simulations utilizing the SOPs while incorporating insights from the CIVIPOL national anti-trafficking experts, using the National Referral Guidelines.

This gathering demonstrates a strong and comprehensive commitment among multiple agencies and organizations to combat crimes of trafficking in persons effectively.

By pooling their expertise and resources, the Multi-Agency Task Force aims to strengthen the collective capacity and capability to respond to and prosecute trafficking offenses in Uganda.

The collaborative approach extends to cooperation and ongoing training, with the Task Force working towards improved SOP implementation, enhanced investigative methods, and the successful prosecution of trafficking cases.

Ultimately, this united effort is geared towards protecting victims and eradicating human trafficking within the country.

Organized by the Office of the Public Prosecutions and the Uganda Police Force, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development, this significant training receives support from CIVIPOL and UNODC- United Nation on Drugs and Crime as implementing partners of the Better Management Programme (BMM). The BMM program receives co-funding from the European Union and Germany.

The anticipated outcome of this training is the empowerment of participants with vital knowledge and collective initiatives that will make a tangible impact in safeguarding the vulnerable and upholding justice. Together, these officers will stand as a formidable force against trafficking in persons, working tirelessly to protect the rights and well-being of those vulnerable to exploitation.

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