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Khat, cannabis causing low sperm count in Ugandan men, Butabika Hospital

By Executive Editor

Butabika Mental Hospital has asked Parliament to prioritize public health, instead of revenue, by maintaining the ban on the use of cannabis and khat in Uganda, so as to protect young people from the effects of use of these drugs.

On Wednesday, Butabika Hospital informed Parliament of increased cases of infertility among youths using khat in Uganda, warning that although there have been reports in the public that khat and cannabis consumption have no effects on people’s health, psychiatrists have registered sexual reproductive challenges posed by the use of khat.

“I am sure the media will be interested in this one, it (khat) causes low sperm count. It even causes impotence; it causes libido changes. Psychiatrists are actually seeing these patients with severe sexual problems who are on khat,” Juliet Nakku, Executive Director, Butabika Hospital, said.

Therefore, Nakku said, the Hospital recommends a ban on khat and cannabis.

“We strongly recommend that, for the good of public health and economic progress in this country, both cannabis and khat should remain prohibited. We should have a thoughtful regulation that prioritizes public health, and we must keep commercial pressures in check and prioritize health, especially for young Ugandans who are most at risk of abusing narcotics and psychotropic substances,” Nakku added.

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