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Savio Kabugo: Why Ugandan players fail abroad

By Savio Kabugo

As i posted yesterday…here is the main reason as to why we fail abroad…1st and foremost a Ugandan will never ever be respected without a national call up because they think best players have to be in national team A and compete for there places in foreign lands…coming back

99% of our agents are after pocketing something…don’t care about players tomorrow that’s why most times they end up fighting with players and teams hence resulting into players contracts termination…coming back (home).

3rdly our media doesn’t protect there own players like everyone isn’t perfect but our very own publish news how there own players cheat age…injury prones…and so own and so forth that already fails players already.

Teams out side believe that a good young player has to be taken to grass level so that they make a player they want which some of our players can’t accept like they want to go in team A direct which mostly fails us.

I think those are some of the reasons but talent wise we gat it and in the future we shall see our own in the premiere league though we have to lift one another with love for a better Uganda.

Lastly its with us players….after signing a fair contract abroad we think we are on top of the world and we relax not knowing there are hungry West Africans who want the jobs.

Savio Kabugo is a Ugandan International Footballer.

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