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AIGP Damulira launches 12 Ghetto Saccos in Kampala Metropolitan in fight against crime

By Davis Mugabi

In a move to curb crime in Kampala, Wakiso, and Mukono districts, the Crime Intelligence (CI) Director has presided over the launch of 12 Ghetto Saccos.

These ‘local banks’ are all operational, and the ghetto dwellers have since started saving.

Christopher Damulira who has served in many UPDF capacities, targets the ghetto because it’s the hub of criminality in Kampala Metropolitan.

AIGP Damulira is enthusiastic that these saccos can also tap into government programs like Parish Development Model (PDM) funds, which can stir development since the ghetto people are able to earn an income by not only saving but also working in these Saccos.

AIGP Damulira has worked closely with the Minister of Kampala, Hajjat Minsa Kabanda, and other relevant stakeholders, particularly Ghetto leaders, to identify where to establish the Saccos.

Kampala Minister, Hajjat Minsa Kabanda, joined AIGP Damulira in launching the 12 Ghetto Saccos.

Ghettos in Kampala Metropolitan are targeted hot spots, with quite several youths trying to find something to keep them busy while also avoiding committing crimes to survive.

In partnership with the local leadership of the LCs, the youth are organized into a Sacco that would help transform their lives while building a savings culture among them.

AIGP Damulira says Sacco members are also encouraged to join a group insurance scheme that covers their life and hospital bills in case of misfortune.

The Sacco has already partnered with several organizations, such as Payway, banks, and telecom companies, among others, to offer value-added financial services all in-house. Ghetto youth have started saving already.

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