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Hoima By-Election: Low voter turnout recorded

By Executive Editor

Over 90,000 voters were expected this morning to turn up and vote for their new LCV Chairman in the Hoima LCV By-election.

However, it appears only a few turned up to vote.

Crispin Kaheru, a commissioner at the Uganda Human Rights Commission, says voting in the Hoima District LCV By-election concluded without major incidents, despite earlier anticipated tensions.

There was generally low voter participation, he added. “Low voter turnout could have been due to the disruptions caused by the all-day rainy weather.”

“That notwithstanding, it is incumbent upon stakeholders to address the persistent low voter participation in Uganda’s elections, generally. This will require a continuous assessment of barriers to voting in specific places or demographics and the development of targeted solutions.A multifaceted approach is key. This could include ramped-up efforts to educate and engage citizens, simplifying the voting process, combating any forms of voter suppression, and continuously building trust in elections through diverse means.”

According to Kaheru, community leaders and influencers should also be encouraged to promote voting.

He explains that encouraging civic participation and addressing specific factors contributing to low turnout in a given context are crucial steps toward improving voter engagement.

“Some of these proposed interventions may require reforming the electoral legislative and administrative frameworks.Addressing low voter turnout will have to be an ongoing effort that enlists collaboration among government institutions, civic organizations, and the citizens themselves,” he added.

By press time, the Electoral Commission was yet to announce results.

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