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FDC: History to repeat itself, as Mafabi moves to contest for President in 2026 ahead of Oboi

By Executive Editor


History could repeat itself within the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party, as the Party’s Secretary General (SG), Nathan Nandala Mafabi, is pushing to contest for President in 2026.

In 2016, former FDC President Dr. Col. RTD Kizza Besigye walked out of inactive politics and contested for President ahead of FDC President Maj Gen RTD Gregory Mugisha Muntu.

Already, there are printed materials indicating “Nandala for President 2026.”

It is not clear whether the materials are out with the knowledge of Nandala.

However, Nandala hinted at giving a shot at the top seat recently during the Party’s internal elections.

If Nandala chooses to keep within this interest, he will have to defeat Oboi in the flag bearer race. 

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