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How you can own a house while on a one million per month income

By Joel Aita

For many young men and women, the prospect of owning their own home is not merely a financial goal; it is a deeply-held aspiration, a symbol of maturity, stability, and independence. It represents a shift from the temporary arrangements of youth to the permanence of adulthood, a chance to plant roots and establish a home base for themselves and, perhaps, for future generations. This aspiration is rooted in a desire for security and autonomy, a longing to create their own space, to personalize their surroundings, and to build a life that is truly their own. Owning a house transcends the physical boundaries of walls and ceilings, embodying a deeper sense of belonging and the creation of a personal sanctuary. A home is not merely a structure; it is an extension of one’s identity, a canvas upon which personal expressions and cherished memories intertwine. Within its walls, families are nurtured, traditions are upheld, and a lifetime’s worth of experiences unfold. The notion of having a place to call one’s own instills a profound sense of pride and accomplishment, shaping the individual’s sense of self-worth and identity. Picture a cozy living room adorned with family photos, laughter echoing through its warm embrace. These are creation of a family history. You cant create these in a rented house. However, many young people find it very difficult to own a house owing to the limited resources one has. And as time goes on and the resources starts to increase, so are the expenses. Children start coming in, school fees starts coming in. Before you realize, you are in your 40s still hoping from one rent to the other. 20 years down the road, you have spent over 250million in month rents and still the house isn’t yours. Worst for those who have been staying in free government House. I have attended funerals in Arua where very respected retired civil servants are been buried, the only thing you see are piece of land in the village with anthills and some trees and children crying not because the dad died, but because of the worry of where they are going to sleep next. It is not yet too late!!! My Advice Always is:


The first hurdle is always getting the Land. Once you are able to get land, you would have passed that first hurdle. I always advice that it is easy getting land when you invest in a group. For example get 14 of your friends, move out of town where an acre is going for like 10 million. You buy 2 acres at 20 million divide it by 14. that will mean each person will contribute less than 1.5 million to get 50×100 plot. This way it becomes easy for you to jump the first hurdle. But because you guys are 14 in number, you would have created your own estate, so it now doesn’t look far. Second hurdle is having a design of the house. You can get a decent nice house plan from these young people for like 600k. Then you purpose to start saving some monthly money either with a hardware shop or in a secure location. Even if you purpose 200,000 per month. However not long after, you must hit the ground. Even with only 2 million saved. START. That wont take you far obviously. But it will generate something in you which wants to see the house go to the next stage. At this point you will become a little stingy, you will start seeing money in-terms of bricks and bags of cement. BTW, at this point, your eyes will open to start looking for other sources of income. Don’t put your self under too much pressure:


Even if it means taking 2 bags of cement per day, be it. Just ensure work has to continue at what ever pace:


Five years down the road, you will be amazed what you would have achieved. A house is more than a structure; it’s a haven where dreams take flight. Invest in your own piece of the sky, and let your ambitions soar to new heights.

Joel Aita is a big player in the Construction space.

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