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..It was on health grounds, Prof. Barya explains attack on Kadaga

By Davis Mugabi

Ex-Presidential candidate, Prof. Venanscious Baryamureeba alias Barya, has explained why he ‘attacked’ First Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister in charge of the EAC, Rebecca Kadaga, on Saturday.

On Saturday, the ex-Makerere University Vice Chancellor quoted one of Kadaga’s posts on X and said: Rt. Hon. Kadaga, at this time in life, if I were you, I would retire on an island and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

The quote did not go down well with a number of Kadaga’s followers, including the Kamuli Woman Member of Parliament herself.

“Prof Baryamureeba , you should have retired from public life after your miserable performance in the general elections,” said Kadaga.

However, Prof. Barya explained on Sunday that his statement was on health grounds, not over stay in power.

“I don’t discriminate on the basis of age. I made the statement on Rt.Hon. Rebecca Kadaga need to retire solely on health grounds. Even Pres. Museveni stated that if he had known the health condition of the late Rt.Hon.Oulanyah he wouldn’t have supported him to be Speaker,” said Prof. Barya.

He added: “This reminds of Steve Jobs. He was a billionaire. He ignored his health & worked all through. But in the end, he died regretting why he didn’t take his health seriously. He left the wealth behind. Some leaders & executives in Africa need to watch his last video on his death bed.”

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