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News Story of the Week: Residents kill thugs running away from robbery scene; take Shs 20 million

By Executive Editor

January 18, 2024: The Katwe Police are actively investigating a harrowing incident involving aggravated robbery and murder that occurred on January 18, 2024, at approximately 6 PM in Ndejje Kibutika Village, Makindye Ssabagabo Municipality, Wakiso District.

According to the preliminary investigation, employees of Shana Distributors Ltd, Kikuubo, namely Galabuzi Haruna (driver), Babirye Patricia (salesperson) and Mfitumukiza Henry (offloader), were ambushed by armed assailants during their routine product distribution. The assailants, demanding money, resorted to violence when met with hesitation from the workers.

Despite warning shots, the assailants shot Babirye in the leg, subsequently taking a substantial amount of money, approximately Shs 20 million, from the vehicle. The criminals fled on a motorcycle with registration UES 820K.

As the victims raised an alarm, a pursuit ensued, leading to the robbers abandoning the motorcycle. A group of local residents and riders in Namasuba apprehended the suspects, resulting in a confrontation. Tragically, two suspects succumbed to injuries at the scene, while another passed away upon arrival at Mulago Hospital.

Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) identifies the deceased as Bakka Mark and Ssemanda Brain.

“The police have recovered identification and voter cards from the bodies, and the alleged robbery weapon has been secured as evidence. Regrettably, the stolen cash has not been recovered, as it is believed to have been taken by members of the public during the confrontation,” said KMP Deputy Spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire.

The injured victims are receiving urgent medical attention, and their detailed statements on the incident have been documented.

“The police are committed to providing further updates as the investigation unfolds,” added Owoyesigyire.

Owoyesigyire urged the public to remain calm and cooperative “as we work towards ensuring justice in this distressing matter.”

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