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2026 Polls: EC sets dates for nomination of candidates for President

By Executive Editor

The Country’s Electoral Commission has appointed October 2, 2025 and October 3, 2025 as dates for nomination of candidates for President.

EC Secretary Leonard Mulekwah says “This is in line with the Presidential Elections Act.”

Mulekwah was speaking Wednesday morning at the launch of the Strategic Plan 2022/2023-2026/2027 and Roadmap for 2026 General Elections.

“We should have a general update of the National Voters’ Register by January 2025. Demarcation of the electoral areas should be done by July 2024. We expect the nomination of candidates for President to take place between 2nd October and 3rd October 2025. This is in line with the Presidential Elections Act,” he said.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja presided over the launch as Chief Guest.

“The Office of the Prime Minister will make sure that the required funds are released to the Commission to smoothly execute the activities as outlined in the Roadmap for the next general election. The Office of the Prime Minister will make sure that the enactment of relevant laws for the 2025/2026 General Elections is done before the end of 2023/2024 financial year,” Nabbanja said. She called upon “all political players to organize themselves in accordance with this roadmap so that they effectively participate in this process. “I implore all stakeholders to carefully examine all the timelines as outlined in the Roadmap, and work with the Electoral Commission to smoothly implement the electoral roadmap for 2025/2026 general elections,” Nabbanja said.

Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister, Norbert Mao said the issues raised such as the need to enact laws to enable the elections are very vital.

“These are issues that keep Ugandans waiting. The EC has been lamenting about civic education. I would like us to focus on civic education. The citizens are the nursery beds for leaders because leaders are picked from citizens. We need to make sure our citizens have civic education,” Mao noted.

Commission Chairperson, Justice Byabakama Mugenyi Simon, says that the Roadmap will enable the various stakeholders in the electoral process to achieve improvement in the planning for participation and implementation of electoral activities, improvement in co-ordination of electoral activities, timely implementation of scheduled electoral activities; and, transparency in the implementation of electoral programs and activities.

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