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36 Awards: Veteran Journalist Tenywa Quitting New Vision after 22 Years

By Sam Mwesigwa

Veteran Environment Journalist, Gerald Tenywa, is set to leave New Vision in January. Tenywa, an Old Budonian and a Lumumbist, will make 22 years at the New Vision in January, 2024, a month he will retire from the newsroom.

While addressing a team of Environment Journalists at Protea Skyz Hotel in Naguru on Tuesday, on effective reporting to influence climate action, Tenywa said he will be “contributing to the media in a different way.”

36 Awards in 22 Years

In total, Tenywa boasts of 36 Awards. Out of these awards 8 came in 2023.

Tenywa emphasized humility and asked the journalists to get success on top of their head.

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