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Bodyguard escape: Speaker Among, Magogo marriage on the rocks after Registrar bursts fraud

Shocking details continue to emerge about the ‘escape’ of Speaker Anita Among’s chief bodyguard.

The latest, according to credible sources is that the bodyguard, Aggrey Aruho who has been missing for now 3 weeks, is alleged to have participated in an illegal process that prompted him to take to his heels.

The chief bodyguard reportedly informed his boss, Among that he was indisposed but he reportedly was attending the 2022 annual Uganda North America Association (UNAA) convention that took place in San Francisco.

His disappearance has gained special significance following the revelations by the speaker about the alleged plot to assassinate her.

However, it has emerged that Aruho was part of a group of people who went to the offices of one of the Kampala Divisional offices as Among sought to ratify her marriage with MP Moses Magogo.

Sources reveal that the group also comprises of Ambassador Ogwang and others, stormed the office of the Makindye Division Town Clerk to have the union ratified, something that has since opened a can of worms.

Deep throat sources intimate that the TC reportedly refused to ratify the union and issue a marriage certificate, something that prompted the security boss to employ “military tactics” to have it signed.

“For the certificate to be issued in civil marriages, it must meet a certain criteria. The couple must be present, there should be evidence of photos or video clips to show that a cultural function actually took place,” the source said before adding that they did not have them which made the TC hesitate.

However, he was later forced to register the union and forward it for ratifying to the registrar of marriages to have the certificate issued.

Sources say in an apparent case of intimidation, he was forced to sign and send the documentation electronically at 6:25pm on that day, way beyond official working hours.

However, the law gives a window of 48 hours to an administrator of oaths to cancel a marriage he/she has registered.

Realizing that he had this leverage, the TC got up the following day and wrote to the registrar of marriages at URSB, explaining what had happened and asking that the whole process be nullified.

Utterly shocked, the registrar at URSB had no choice but to cancel, further putting the group on tension.

Efforts to have him change his mind have been futile, and as someone who was part of it, the Chief bodyguard was forced to flee. What remains unclear is how he managed to make his way out.

It should be recalled that last month, social media was awash with photos of the couple with reports that they had tied the knot. However there was no communication on whether they had actually been officially married as most outlets and social media relied on the photos to conclude that it had happened.

Sources say the photos of the said kukyaala, and eventual “reception” at Mestil Hotel in Kampala, did not culminate into marriage as it now appears that the registrar of marriages seems to have binned it.

Police have already commenced investigations into how Aruho managed to go to the US without his boss’ or their knowledge.

Others add that as someone who participated in what now appears to be an illegal process, he is wanted to answer questions regarding it.

Last week, Parliament’s Division Police Commander (DPC), Mr Steven Agaba, said the Force had declared ASP Aruho a “deserter” according to the Daily Monitor.

“He has not yet communicated to my office about his departure. All his known contacts including WhatsApp [lines] are off. Since he was not on official duty, he will be charged for being absent from duty without leave should he come back,” the DPC said.

The sources further add that the TC has not rested since he chose to write asking the registrar to rescind the process.

According to them, he receives strange phone calls, some threatening his life. The callers reportedly ask him to reverse his decision or pay a heavy price since she is a VVIP.

“They want him to reinstate the marriage, something which is totally impossible. The law is clear; when a couple does not follow the laid out procedure, it cannot stand. This is standard practice across the board,” the sources said adding that the two did not appear to take oath but had emissaries to do it for them, something out of this world as far as marriage arrangements are concerned.

Following this, he was forced to report the matter to the president who advised that he gets in touch with the top echelons of the country’s security apparatus.

Sources say he has already registered a case with the IGP about the whole issue.

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