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A couple’s pain: My wife was forced to undergo C-section at Mulago Specialized Women Hospital

By Yosh (@Yosh_Bill on Twitter)

My wife was forced to undergo a c-section. Mulago Specialised Women and Neonatal Hospital has turned into a money making venture to some doctors. On the 5th day of December 2022, my wife and I approached the said hospital to ensure our baby is born safely.

We were admitted on arrival since my wife had started contracting & done antenatal here. Little did we know that the hospital had turned into a business centre. At around 11 am on the same day we went for a scan which showed that the fetus (unborn baby) was in a perfect condition.

As a result medication was administered to ease the condition. Before the Dr. left he said 2 statements,one of which I thought was mistakenly said. “I think we should tell them the next step.” 2, was if the 2 bottles are done and there’s no improvement we are taking you in for C.

Before a 2nd bottle was finished, a nurse came to carry out a check up which showed positive response, the heart beat was between 154 and 160 (normal) according to a friend of mine who is a gynecologist and the Internet. I was so sure about this.

The nurse however decided to administer more medicine to ensure all is perfect. Before she could move out the Dr. came in again, to our surprise he recommended that my wife be taken to the theatre because the medicine didn’t work without even carrying out any further examination.

I tried resisting because in my opinion it wasn’t necessary because everything was normal. My resistance was neutralised by the Dr.s threats who insisted that we either go for C or risk losing our baby the next day. He added that the situation at hand wasn’t negotiable.

The nurse came in and prepared my wife for C! As first time parents what mattered at the moment after such threats was having our born baby alive.Anyways what would poor lawyers do! Just to let the medical expert do his job. The most unfortunate bit was we weren’t even provided with any document to give consent to authorise the operation to go on (maybe the laws have changed). My wife was forced to undergo a c-section that way. The following day on the 6th I consulted 2 gynaecologists about the issue and their response was they wouldn’t recommend a C in such circumstances (normal fetus heart beat). I went on consulted 2 doctors in the same hospital whose answers matched those of the gynecologists. I went on to carry out a research amongst the mothers on the ward and it was then, that I confirmed my thoughts to be so true.

1. All the mothers I interacted with that day on the ward went through C. 2. Everything was normal and they were surprised how a c-section was later recommended. 3. They were never asked or their husbands to give consent for the operations. 4.They don’t wait for you to go into the labour room and try your luck, they create a reasonto lure you into the theatre. I don’t think I am wrong!!!


1. The mothers who go through such hell because of some doctors greed should be compensated.

2. The doctors who engage in such acts should be relieved of their duties and practicing certificates cancelled, after a proper investigation has been carried out and the above allegations proved right.

To be more clear,

1. I know medics will come up with all medical expertise to defend themselves.

2. The issue is not about the mother /baby being safe. The issue is proper channels should be followed until a c is recommended.

3. Let a “proper” investigation be carried out.

Note: The rest of the staff at the hospital are kind enough.

I thank you

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