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AGP Asan Kasingye: Here is my commitment to Ngora family

By An Executive Editor

The Chief Political Commissar (CPC), AIGP Asan Kasingye, has clarified on the commitment he made to the family of Peter Okiror in Ngora last week.

AIGP Kasingye and his team spent the whole of last week combing the East Kyoga Region on an Ideological and Orientation tour.

In between, he and team met Okiror’s family in Atoot Village, Atoot Sub-County.

AIGP Kasingye with Chance. Chance’s next school term fees is catered for.

After we talked, AIGP Kasingye said in an interview on Saturday, “that old man (Okiror) brought and introduced his family to us and then I also introduced my tem to them. What intrigued me was that he introduced his children and then introduced this girl called Chance. When you look at Chance, the others (children) are older and she (Chance) is very young. And then I said, is there any single reason why you called her Chance (because in my mind it’s like you didn’t expect her. Like you’re finished with children and then she finally comes, which he said yes). In my mind I was like the girl who is in upper primary, how is he going to educate this child up to… wherever. Then, I asked him, is she in UPE school then he said no, she is actually in private school. Then I said, okay, the next school fees is on me. The next term fees is on me.”

AIGP Kasingye poses for a photo with Okiror’s family last Thursday

AIGP Kasingye adds: “Then of course when we were going, I call the girl aside and said, you study so well so that I can continue paying school fees for you (of course this was between me and the girl, to excite her) but I told the parents, the next school fees term is on me. When I reach Kampala, I want to know how much it is so that I can send it to you.”

“While on ideological tour of Ngora district, I lead my team to a random home in Atooti village, Atooti sub-county, to bring uniform to the community & listen to their perception about police. We had a meal, prayed together & I offered a bursary to their last born Chance,” AIGP Asan Kasingye tweeted Thursday evening.

Chance (Juliet Awujo), the daughter of Okiror and Mary Amogoro, is just one of the many children currently at home following the Covid-19 disruptions on schools.

However, by early 2022, there are hopes that school may resume.

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