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Alex Ndawula was radio himself – Veteran journalist Arinaitwe Rugyendo

By Arinaitwe Rugyendo

Dear @CapitalFMUganda, I have been silent about DJ Alex! His death left me damp! On June 19, 2001, when we unleashed Uganda’s fav Tabloid, @RedPepperUG, it was Alex who stood with us, reviewing every story, paragraph, sentence, every Friday on the Morning Crew.

I had been following #DanceForce during my campus days in 1997. I recall one incident when him and Hub Gales pranked the whole country by faking his sacking and a @CapitalFMUganda fan in Mbale smashed his radio. Alex bought him a new one.

I chose to follow every #DanceForce show till he left @CapitalFMUganda and I asked him where his mixes would go? New media was starting; he said he would leave them with the capricons!

DJ Alex revolutionized radio dejaaying; his ability to talk to anyone from any corner of Uganda and also banter them, was epic.

DJ Alex was a genius ahead of the times. He was radio himself.

And This is the part of Alex that @CapitalFMUganda refused to come to terms with… So, a choice had to be made.. a new generation of listeners who knew nothing about the pioneers of FM radio(by M7) Vs the legends. Legends lost. So He left the station.. but #DanceForce didn’t.

In death, DJ Alex has bequeathed a radio history to @CapitalFMUganda in #DanceForce and probably with no pay. Alex never loved money! He loved his mixes and gave me sooo many of them.

I shall remember for wordsmithing: “The gynanomity of this situation,” and for being tooo bog headed sometimes. RIP Alex. May the stars, the Real Capricon welcome you!!

The writer is a veteran journalist.

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