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Andrew Mwenda falsely accused Lumumba Hall Chairman of rape, wrote in newspaper – Makokha Mugeni

By Makokha Mugeni

In the 1990s, @AndrewMwenda wrote a story falsely accusing Stephen Twinoburyo, RIP, then Chairman of Lumumba Hall, of raping a girl in the Hall of residence and went ahead to plant the story in the newspapers. Following this, Stephen was expelled from Makerere University.

Out of University an frustrated, Stephen relocated to South Africa and the genius mathematician that he was, set up an organization to help South African students with understanding mathematics.

In the real Karma style, Andrew Mwenda is suffering the same accusations as those he falsely accused a fellow Lumumbist. NOTE: After Mwenda’s story appeared in Monitor, students declared him persona non grata in Lumumba and he lived the rest of his life at MUK in infamy.

The trauma of the accusations and expulsion at MUK and eventual frustrations however caused him several mental breakdowns eventually leading to his death in 2018.

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