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Asha Nabulo in more troubles as Hajji Kafo mortgages the house, new owners set to evict tycoon Lumolo’s daughter forcefully

Latest reports coming from Imbalu Land reveal that Asha Nabulo Mafabi, the estranged wife of Hajji Kafo Mutwalibi, is set to cry buckets of tears and embarrassment after her husband allegedly mortgaged the house in which she resides, and now new owners want her out.

Asha Nabulo is currently the holder of the NRM flag for the Sironko district woman member of parliament and the daughter of tycoon Hajji Sulaiman Mafabi Lumolo, the district NRM chairman for Sironko, who also owns Kampala Modernity Car Bond.

The house in question is located in Half London, Mbale City, and there were media reports a fortnight ago that Hajji Kafo Mutwalibi ordered Asha Nabulo to vacate his residence (the house), but she adamantly refused on the ground that she was busy with politics and needed more time.

Asha Nabulo (Right). She is wanted out of the house (Left).

The lawyer, Hassan, representing the new owner, whom he did not disclose during a press conference at the Hotel Africana in Kampala, revealed that his client bought the house from Hajji Kafo and asked him to leave the house in the shortest time possible, but as time goes on, they are still occupying the premises even after several communications with Hajji Kafo.

“My client paid Hajji Kafo the amount of money as agreed, and we want them to vacate so that we renovate the house, and if peaceful means fail, we shall resort to better actions to remove them by our boys and law, coupled with costs and embarrassments,” Hassan told the press at the Africana Hotel on Friday afternoon.

He said that all the necessary documents were given to his client, and what he demands is for Hajji and his estranged wife to relocate.

Asked if Hajji’s wife Asha was aware of the transaction and maybe she appended the signatures, the lawyer Hassan replied that according to the documents presented to his client, Hajji Kafo bought and possessed his property single-handedly and could have the authority to sell with or without Asha.

This comes at the time when Asha Nabulo recently sent a message to Hajji Kafo Mutwalibi pleading to be forgiven, reconciled, and reunited in the failed marriage that lasted for only one year.

“I wish you well, Hajji Kafo, my husband. I will remain at home, waiting for you. I shall not leave my marital home, and I have never disgraced you by bringing a man into your house, nor have I ever had that idea. Because of what people are saying, I will not blame you for the bad behavior you are displaying. I forgive you, and I pray that one day we shall unite either here on earth or in heaven, but I worry about what you will tell Allah in defense of how you have poorly behaved.” read parts of Asha’s dossier to Hajji Kafo.

She went ahead and said that she had submitted her request for reconciliation. I am not a doormat, and I have never done or said anything to bring you harm, Asha added.

“Yes, I have complained of how you poorly treated me and abandoned me in my home to close friends and family, but that is all I ever did. May Allah be our guide in all the decisions we make, Asha went ahead and pointed out.

However, Asha’s message did not go well with Hajji Kafo, who retaliated back, saying that my ex-wife, accept your rejection, I moved on, sorry for you.

You alleged that I was making you cry on a daily basis. Are you sure all the things that made you cry are over, or do you want to cry again? In addition to that, the house was sold, the owner wants it vacant, and the issues you mentioned—that he rents it to you—have refused—that he wants to renovate and use it.

Hajji released a lethal blast, saying that all this is a tactic for you, but I am ready to die. I have already made my will, but I will not entertain your nonsense, please.

“You refused me all the world know, your father knows, RDC Sironko knows, my mother knows, my family knows, my friends know and all the people know  how you left me that I was mistreating you and that I was making you cry daily and am still the very person you wanted to put in prison on false allegation that am a rebel , what have you seen changed in me or you are ready to cry again…you refused me on several times and I accepted  the remaining issue is that move out of  the man’s house because I already sold it to get some money to do some business , you know very well that the ka charity i used to do  you closed it down that I was operating on forged documents ,just move out of the man’s house simple there is nothing which can put me together with a woman who alleged me to be a rebel ,the only thing you hear is money language , without money no love no good man……” Read parts of Hajji Kafo’s dossier to Asha Nabulo, his estranged wife.

The lawyer, however, maintains that Asha Nabulo must go or be forced out as boys and bailiffs are already lined up.

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