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Before you pick a side hustle, be good at your primary hustle – Moses ‘Uncle Mo’ Kiboneka

By Executive Editor

‘’Every time I interact with young crowds like this, I am asked if the degree is really necessary. Without your degree, your life in the gig economy will be hard. We are 80% habits, the things that make you are not what you studied but who you are. Your degree is very important before you start gigs, keep your degree in motion,’’ Moses Kiboneka alias Uncle Mo said days ago while addressing students of Kyambogo University at the NSSF Career Expo on the subject: How to position yourself to thrive in the Gig Economy.

‘’Every time you discover a skill, find out the people who are good at it and what they do to be good at it. When I was starting out what is my gig (digital content), I had to benchmark with people that inspire me.’’

According to Kiboneka, ”Your first line of getting into your skill set is imitation.’’

‘’Don’t be afraid to pick certain traits from your role models, pick up on the smallest mannerisms and find out how they integrate into your DNA. Then customise the act for yourself,’’ he says.

Before you pick a side hustle, he adds: ‘’Be good at your primary hustle.’’

‘’Work is not like relationships where you just move from one to another if it’s not working. Your primary degree is your primary hustle, you need it & the benefits that come with getting it.’’

Kiboneka says that by University, ‘’most of you know what you’re good at.’’

‘’How you know is through self-awareness but also through collaboration with other people. Someone else should be able to tell you what you’re good at for you to consider that skill.’’

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