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CPA Paul Kato: Why I resigned my job just after 3 months

By CPA Paul Kato

Why I resigned after 3 months

My first job, I held the position of accounts assistant, responsible for bank reconciliations, stock management, and budget analysis

Though I was new, I wasn’t offered any training, people were too busy, I was to share a computer with my subordinate, who would only let me access it when he feels like

it being a very big prominent organization, it hard alot of banking transactions in 24 hrs, dispit that, doing my work wasn’t my biggest problem, challenge was with my boss, (Financial Controller), who would bark at me loudly every time he found a mistake in my work, office setting was an open space with desks separating us.

I felt too humiliated every time this happened until that day when I chose to exit my self because not even the HR would stand up for fellow staff against this indian,

After 3 months of unemployment, my colleague who had left the same organization and got vacancy else where, called me up and I joined a nother organization.

”people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses”

I promised God never to treat my juniors the same way I was treated at the beginning of my career.

The writer is a financial management and accounting specialist.

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