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Drink-Drive Ops Day I: 45 Arrested as Govt Makes Shs 9 Million In Fines

By Executive Editor

For the first time in about 3 years (or thereabout), the police conducted an operation against motorists driving under the influence of alcohol on Friday night.

About a week ago, the Ministry of Health cleared the use of breathalyzers to test the amount of alcohol in motorists. This followed the earlier suspension over the spread of COVID-19.

Using the breathalyzer last night in the Kampala Metropolitan Area, the police netted 43 motorists and had them detained across cells in the KMP.

They were let go on Saturday morning with tickets worth Shs200,000 each (payable in the bank).

KMP Spokesman Patrick Onyango says the officers faced challenges as some motorists claimed they were not aware of the operation, and as such, some attempted to run over officers and the road barriers.

Onyango warned that the next time motorists feign ignorance and attempt to knock officers on duty, they will be slapped with other charges.

It is not clear if the operation will continue tonight.

The operation is aimed at containing road accidents resulting from alcohol abuse.

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