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Eacop won’t even add 0.001% to global emissions – Elison Karuhanga

By Elison Karuhanga

Paris, London & NewYork ers are protesting EACOP?   Wow. UK emits 770m tonnes of Carbon, France over 300m tonnes, Japan 1.2bn & the US 4.9bn tonnes per yr which is almost 23% of all global emmissions.  Eacop won’t even add 0.001% to global emmissions.

The US total exports are almost 3Trillion USD and they are worried about a Ugandan project that will export not even 0.00005% of US exports… New York state has 35,000 oil wells and we have people in that very place protesting 400 Wells in Uganda? London has issued hundreds of licenses to drill in the sea and we have Londoners protesting a pipeline that passes near the Lake Victoria.. please. People who have factories, planes, lights are saying our candle may end humanity …. this isn’t about energy transition… so we transition from what to what. From darkness to deeper darkness? This was a protest in support of poverty. This isn’t about environmental conservation. It is about poverty conservation.

Elison Karuhanga works in the Litigation and Energy law department, Kampala Associated Advocates – KAA.

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