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Exclusive: Leave my wife alone, angry husband tells off Housing Finance Bank boss

By Executive Editor

A man identified as Mugisha Tuhaire has written to an official of Housing Finance Bank – HFB – based at the Bank’s headquarters in Kololo warning him off his wife.

The accused has been identified as Aloysious Katabarine.

According to Tuhaire, Katabarine is always in touch with his wife, promising her heaven on earth, should she ‘make it happen’

Upon landing on the communication, in which Tuhaire, says includes promises of deploying his wife in juicy positions, the man wrote to Katabarine, copying in the Bank’s Managing Director, Michael Mugabi.

The email reads:

Mr Aloysious Katabarine,

Good Afternoon.

I do request you to leave my Spouse Janice Arinda.

Stop your childish communication on whatsapp mesages and Phone calls.

Be notified that Janice Arinda is now a married Woman.

As i said, stop your Childish and adolescent lies mbu..”You will give her a Job in Housing Finance Bank after you Fucking Her.”

I guess your Married and Keep to that.

Your infidelity is uncalled for in my space

Your just a Desk Man, infact too old and incompetent for Pretending around mbu.. Manager.

Your Better qualified to Abuse, embarrass and harasse banking client as i have read about you in the Media, leave alone being the Top abuser and Harasser to Fellow Housing Finance bank Staff.

That Money lending Business that you doing illegally and hiddingly which you promise to give her to manage is just your lies to confuse the little girl.

Your Even operating your Money Lending Business Illigaly and fraudently, and you can’t use a fraud to misguide little girls who are trying to find their ground in Life.

Even Her Transfer to Ntinda Branch was by her request so get out of your space because your had began being forceful and intimidating for your sex intentions.

Manage your strange Disease and be warned.

M. Tuhaire

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